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Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....



When I first found you as a kitten, my daughter Erin was alive and was 3 years old.. You were a classic torti, complete with attitude. You really only liked me. Ok, later you liked John too. You slept by my head, between me and the edge of the bed. You tried to bite everyone, not very hard, but enough to scare them. Everyone knew all the cats were friendly, but NOT THAT ONE!

For some reason, you decided that the bathroom was yours, and you scratched any one who wasn't me that entered that domain. We had to put you in the bedroom before any house guests could use the facilities. Erin would always ask if we were keeping you, because at first we didn't know how you would fit in with the rest of the pets. There wasn't any particular day that we "decided" to keep you, but it became apparent after some time, that we were. LIttle did I know that we wouln't be keeping Erin.

When Erin died, there was a physical presence that was missing and you made sure to sleep right up against me in bed for a time, and that turned into your regular spot. You laid in bed with me when my hips were falling apart and I was in great pain, you laid there when I was recovering from having them replaced. When your joints started to get stiff, we put a child's chair next to the bed so you could use it climb up easier. After a while, you had a hard time getting up the stairs to the bedroom, and we made the library your room, that's where we spent most of our time. We opened and closed the doors for you at least a hundred times a day. for you to come in and out, altho half the time I think you forgot why and where you going.

I know that you stayed around here much longer than you wanted to because I did not want you to go. You were the last cat alive here who knew Erin. All of our kitties now came after she died. I know that you two are together now in spirit along with many others who have gone before. I know that Erin is taking care of all the kitties we have to send over the Rainbow Bridge, including the ones she never knew in life.

The chair is still by the bed, I swear I still hear you bonking the door to get in the library, and I see you out of the corner of my eye sometimes. You were with me for over half of my adult life and it seems strange to go on without you, but we have to. I know we will be together again someday, but in the meantime, don't forget to let them know who's in charge over there........I love you Tippy.....Norma



Troy was a sweet little man born into a bad situation, he was unvaccinated and died of an unknown virus. While he was here he was very busy and told his opinion to everyone who asked, and some who didn't. I'm sure he's bending and ear or two on the Rainbow Bridge.

I wish I could have known and loved you longer, the months you were here went by too quickly. Your siblings and I miss you but know that we'll see you again someday at the bridge. Save us a good spot......we love you. - Norma


I have been feeding a stray all winter, and have been trying to make friends with him.  Jeff and I named him Mr. Kimball.  Mr. Kimball was a beautiful brown tabby with white paws and a white chest.  He would not get close to me all winter, but came around to eat every night.

  My neighbor, Susan H., and her son, Tom, fed Mr. Kimball, too.  A couple of weeks ago he somehow became injured.  He could not use his left front paw.  He started getting closer to me, but was very growly and hissy, I now know from all of the pain he was in.  He was too smart for a live trap, so Jeff and I would sit on the front step and talk to him while he ate.  I was determined to get him to the vet, some how/some way this weekend, which I did.

I gave Plainfield Animal Care Center a heads up, that I was going to get Mr. Kimball in this weekend.  All of a sudden, I was able to pet Mr. Kimball, although he and I were both very leery of each other.  So, Friday night, I got brave and picked Mr. Kimball up, and carried him to the cage I had previously set up in our garage for him.  He was so happy to be safe and sound in the cage Friday night, and I was so grateful he was in there before the bad weather hit again on Friday night

Sat. morning, I called my vet, got Mr. Kimball in a carrier (he went in there willingly) and I took him to the vet.  I know this story is long, and I could go on and on, but long story short, Mr. Kimball had a crushed paw.  Vet is not sure how it happened.  Vet said that we had two choices for Mr. Kimball.  Amputate his leg (even with the antibiotics that you gave me, Norma, he was full of infection), or euthanize Mr. Kimball....  Well, I had to make the horrible decision to euthanize him.  He could never ever have gone back outside again, and unfortunately, I had no place for him, for obvious reasons, ie Jeff and I have a full house.  Susan H. so very generously offered to pay for the extremely costly surgery, but unfortunately she has a full house too.  Not to mention, the quality of life Mr. Kimball would have had with a missing leg.  Also, we never got to the blood work stage, so he may have even had a disease, which we will never know.  The beautiful thing is that Susan Laird is now taking care of him.  The sad news is that in the short time I knew Mr. Kimball, I got attached to him and cared about him, and yes, even loved him.  I am crying again, now, but can only hope that Mr. Kimball knew how much I loved him, and neighbor Susan did, too... - Brenda

Mr. Kimball
My dearest little Alice,

You brought joy and laughter to our house. You wanted everyone to love you and they did. Your best pal, Two-Socks, misses you and is looking all over the house fo you. He really enjoyed giving you those daily baths. Tali has no one to rip through the house with. I love you, the kids love you and your brothers and sisters and cousins miss you terribly. I know that God had other plans for you and that you are no longer blind or unable to walk.

Your Aunt Norma and I made the heart-wrenching decision to send you to the Rainbow Bridge. Wait for me there, my wonderful girl. Say hi to Elvis, Kitus, Bart and Rocky. They will show you how to be free and enjoy your kittenhood. I knew you were special when I came to pick out a kitty to foster when I opened your cage door and you leaped out on to me and would not let go.

You captured my heart and it is yours forever. Rest in Peace my sweet little ball of energy. I love you forever and ever.

Mom, Nicholas and Ty
Tali, Two-Socks, Aerith, Zel and Sunny


Waffle, you had a hard time in your short life here on earth, and for that I feel sad. I wish you could have told me what happened to you before you came to me, and if I could have fixed it for you, I would have. I hope your last few months were happy, and that you didn’t feel any pain at the end. Your little spirit is free now, and your bad memories erased. Try to play nice with the other kitties at the bridge - they really are your friends - and I’ll see you again one day.

I miss you, Waff-man.

Your foster mom, Kim



You came into my life as a foster kitty on May 2nd, 2005, with a reputation for being an "escape artist". You lived with Susan's neighbors and Susan would often find you wandering in her back yard. Susan would pick you up and carry you back home "purring all the way". Then the purring stopped when you had to go back inside.

When Susan's neighbors had a new baby, they had to put you up for adoption. I volunteered to take you in. You were living in my "foster room" alone until one evening when I was feeding my cats. Somehow, you managed to climb over the gate, come downstairs, and with a loud "MEOW", which startled both me and my cats, announced that you wanted to join the group.

From then on, you were one of the "family". My cats all accepted you immediately and on September 25th of 2005 I made it official, and adopted you.

Rachel, my sweetheart, you were easily one the most gentle and easy going cats that ever lived, even when you went through many nights in the hospital and much medication. You managed to accept it all. I know it wasn't easy for you.

Rest in peace, my precious one. I will always love you. - Bob and the kitties



Hope went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 8:30. We are very sad, but we are so happy that she was in our lives for the time we had her. She was very spunky and enjoyed her short life to the fullest until she got sick. We loved her very much. It was a difficult night and morning, but glad Hope is not feeling sick anymore. - Norma



Roland was a large male who came to us from a rescue situation unvaccinated, he died of an unknown virus before his immune system could be strengthened. He was always very cooperative with taking all the meds we tried, but we just couldn't save him... - Norma



Babycakes was a very sweet cat who got along with every cat in our home. She was very sweet and loving to every one in our home. She taught patience and love to those around her. We were very fortunate to have had her in our lives. She received much love from those who took care of her and knew she was in our home to stay. She will be missed by all who knew her.
With Love,
George, Sue, Shirley Wisz and all our kitties




Frankie was a kitten who was found outside with no mom. We had a nursing mom who took him in. He was a gray tabby with bright blue eyes and a sweet personality. Sadly, he was only with us for a few weeks before passing away.





My Minnie came to live with me five years ago when, because of her dislike for other cats, the previous owner was going to have her put down. Norma sent me a picture of Minnie and I couldn't let that happen to such a sweet face. I adopted her and gave her my basement as her private domain. We had many happy hours together as Minnie watched me on the computers. I miss you so much, my sweet one. I keep looking for you behind the little window I made for you in the basement door, but you're not there anymore. The basement seems so empty without you. Even when you were in your hiding place (wherever that was) I knew you were there somewhere. I'm so thankful for the years we had together. I'll meet you at the bridge. - Bob



You were my “scaredy cat”, which is how you got the name Boo. Born in a factory to a feral mom, you came here when you were only 3 months old. It took a year’s worth of patience until you finally accepted a pet from me – but only one hand! Two hands made you very nervous, and made you run and hide. Gradually, you realized that I would never do anything to hurt you. Even though you remained somewhat skittish, you knew I loved you.

We made great progress together, you finally seeking out attention, in your little subtle way, by sitting behind me on the bed, while I was typing on the computer, and making cute little mews when I would turn around to pet you, learning to enjoy being brushed with the Furminator, and even letting me clean the goopy eye you would get every once in a while, without a fuss. Lately, when you would sit on the floor, eyeing my lap, I was sure that soon you would get the confidence to jump up like the other kitties do. Sadly, that was not to be, something happened in your little body that caused you to get really sick. After a few days you weren't getting any better, so I made the decision to not let you suffer any longer, and to let you go to a better place. I was so happy that when they brought you in to me at the hospital for our last moments together, you snuggled right up to me, and seemed very content and happy. You weren't afraid, even with all the strangers around you.


Julie Boo


Holly Dolly, that was one of your nicknames. You were the cutest kitten (in my opinion) when you came with your mom and five brothers and sisters. You littles were only 6 weeks old then. You came on a day that I was really sad – just the day before, I had sent my little dog to the bridge, so you were all a welcome distraction. To my amazement, everyone got adopted but you. I never understood why, because you were so adorable, but I think there was a reason you stayed with me. Something either was wrong, or happened in your little brain, causing you to have periodic seizures after you were about 2 years old. They were pretty frightening at first, but after reading about them, I was okay dealing with it. We talked to vets, some who said no to medication unless it was frequent, and some who said we needed to do all these tests and get you on medication right away. As sweet as you were, when you were doing well, I really believe that aside from the big seizures, you were having small ones going on, and other factors that did not give you a good quality of life, so I decided to send you to a place where you wouldn't have to suffer anymore. I will miss you a lot, your quirky personality, your pretty, pretty face, and your funny meows. We'll see each other again one day. Until then, be happy with all your friends at the bridge, Doll Baby. Love, Your Foster Mom Kim

Holly Dolly



Winston: I remember the day you came into my life. Norma was going out of town and I was going to be watching you for a week. By the time the week was out you were playing with my cat Payton and Rocky and you guys were getting along great. Norma came to get you and I just couldn't bear to let you go so she let me foster you. You were my best buddy.

At night you would sleep above my head and purr in my ears. I would come home from work and find you sleeping in the bed snuggled in your favorite fleece blanket. After being with me for over a year I decided that I was going to adopt you. A couple weeks after I had made that decision we got a call from a wonderful couple wanting to adopt you. No matter how painful it was, I made the decision to let them adopt you.

I whispered in you ear and told you how much I love you and said good bye. The weeks following were very hard but it got better. Your new mom sent me photo's of you and I was happy that you were doing so well. Your family took care of you for 3 years and then they had to make the heart breaking decision to put you down so you wouldn't be suffering anymore. Winston I have never stopped thinking of you. You have always been in my thoughts and in my heart. Until we meet again my friend.
Love you your foster mom,



Little One was surely the Energizer Bunny of cats. She was abandoned in front of a pet store in Sept., 2002, about six (6) weeks before her 15th birthday. The initial vet check uncovered several age related problems. The vet thought she'd live about six months. He didn't know Little One! Through thyroid surgery, Chronic Renal Failure, multiple urinary track infections, kitty Alzheimer's, and finally blindness, she just kept going. One of Little One's favorite activities was snoozing on her heated cat bed. After a while the other cats discovered it, so we just put up more beds. We ended up with four heated beds and cats enjoying them all. If necessary, we'd shoo a cat off so Little One could have the bed. And she was ready to play "toss" every morning. Toss is a little game we play with the cats at breakfast time. We pitch pieces of dry food and the cats run after them, capture, then eat them. As long as we tossed a piece so it hit one of Little One's feet, she would find it even though she couldn't see. Little One showed us love, courage, determination, and perseverance. She was 21 yrs old when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

I will love you forever, Little One, and I miss you so much.

Little One

little one


On the evening of September 25th, I held my precious Clara
in my arms and kissed her for the last time. She had developed kidney failure and it was time to say goodbye. We had eleven
happy years together. Rest in peace, my gentle sweetheart.
I'll meet you at the the bridge.





I wasn't prepared for you to leave so quickly. I didn't realize that you probably hadn't been feeling well for a while – I chalked it up to your sweet, shy personality. Then came our visit to the vet yesterday, and the awful diagnosis today that you were seriously ill. I know that you trusted me to do the right thing, and I could not bear to see you suffer any longer, so I chose to let you go where you would be healthy and happy and pain-free, even though it broke my heart.

I'll never forget your sweet little face, and especially how happy you seemed last night when I brought your “cube” down to your isolation cage. You climbed right in and started rolling and rubbing on it. You made me laugh, and that’s how I'll remember you, sweet Benji Angel.

Love Always, Your Foster Mom

P.S. I'm sure you've already found your foster room buddy Laila. Give her a kitty kiss for me, and tell I love her.


To My Sweet Laila Baby girl, I'm so sorry you weren't here long enough to find your forever family. In your all too short life, I was the lucky one to be your "forever" mom. I love you, and I hope you are healthy and happy now, and have found some of the kitties that went there before you. I'll meet you at the bridge one day. I will love you and think of you always, and will miss your purrs, your sweet personality, your beautiful, shiny black fur and your big, golden eyes. Love, Your Foster Mom

After a very long week, Norma and I took her to RH this evening. I had taken her in Monday for another blood count (10) and fluids, after she quit eating again. Her weight had dropped to 6.6 lbs. By Wednesday night, she hadn't perked up, and seemed to be really not feeling well at all. I talked to Dr Bunn and agreed that it was time to let her go. She doesn't work Thursday, and I really wanted her to be there, so we planned for Friday, unless she really went downhill Thursday. She hung on, but late Thursday night I weighed her and she was down to 6 lbs, and her purr/breathing started sounding funny, kind of raspy and hoarse. Coincidentally, today is two months to the day that she was diagnosed. She left us very peacefully, cradled on my lap in a blanket, with me holding her little head and stroking her frail body, and Norma scratching the top of her head, between her ears. Now she is free, and hopefully has found all the kitties we told her to look for when she got there. Norma and I each got a pawprint and a swatch of her fur. I'm very sad right now, but also relieved that she no longer has to suffer. She fought really hard to stay with us, but it wasn't meant to be. Laila would have been 11 months old Easter Sunday. Kim




Gaston was one of my semiferals in the back bedroom, he could rarely be touched. I noticed that he had lost some weight, and I just found him dead at the bottom of the stairs. The poor little guy, he came here as a feral kitten from a lady who had a huge population problem in a barn in Oswego. Remember Bob, we drove out there in the snow looking for a huge number of cats off Plainfield Rd? And we could never find any more cats, there were no footprints and she was never home. He and Patches (1) both came from there via RH as the woman brought them in to be euthanized. He always had a hard time both getting along with people and other kitties. I will bring him to River Heights and see if they can figure out what the meantime, he's crossing the rainbow bridge to be with his other buddies.... Norma




Yesterday I lost my best friend. Little Benny went to heaven.This morning is really hard since he always is up with my alarm for his breakfast. Then he follows me in the bathroom and brushes his teeth in the other sink with me. He stopped eating his crunchy food about two weeks ago and then his treats, but still stole food off my plate and ate his soft food. I thought it was a bad tooth. Not so lucky when I took him to the vet he found a lump in his tummy. Even though he was still active he was different and he had lost about a pound I didn't want him to suffer. So the vet said he would operate and if he could save him he would. It was not meant to be the cancer had spread all over his little body. It's funny how they are fine one minute and the next week they go fast. Last monday he sat on my lap all morning and watched TV with me this monday he was in his tunnel all day. It will be hard for awhile as he was always under foot and sat with me while I ate dinner and slept on my feet every night. Last night trooper slept there I wonder if he was waiting. He passed 10 years and six months to the day I first saw him and stole my heart. Love Wendy



My beloved Ashe boy, I know you can't really hear me in words, so I'll write this for the humans instead, and I know you'll hear me somehow. Ashe, I love you so much. I helped you find your way back from the brink of death once, even tho you resisted me at every turn, and you've lived here for several years, in my heart, and also the more traditional ways. You only talk to me, with the exception of Jeff and Brenda. You were never demanding or pushy, you were ready to take whatever attention you could claim for yourself. You put up with me trying to ingratiate you to me, which only worked on your own schedule. Some how you convinced Amy to rescue you out of the street, and the vets at RH to do surgery, teach me how to tube feed you, and then do subQ fluids, neither did I want to learn. And neither did you want to experience.....I won't be able to look at the chair in the living room without thinking of you curled up there every night. I also won't be able to sit out on the back porch at night with out you crossing my mind. You and I spent so many nights out there alone together during the tube feeding times. Sometimes I would fall asleep out there with you in the bed that is still there today. You're the only reason that we have a whole cat habitat out there. Even though you are alive right now upstairs in my closet on the floor, I know you will cross over soon, and I won't stand in your way any longer. I only take comfort in the fact that there are four of my children on the other side waiting for you, as well as a lot of other animals, and they will love you as much as I do..........I have many other cats here tonight that I love just as much as I love you, but none that I want to be with so badly. You have a special place in my heart, and I will see you again. Have a safe trip my friend. Godspeed.

Monday, Ashe died, went to the Rainbow Bridge. He couldn't keep his oral meds down, so I stopped giving them to him, and we had a peaceful night, and slept in bed together all day Monday with no medical intervention except pain meds. He went in his pillowbed to River Heights instead of a scary carrier and Dr Pocius did an ultrasound just to allay our fears of doing this prematurely (do we ever stop questioning ourselves?), as in maybe he just ate the scissors and we can just remove them and all will be fine..... She found a baseball sized mass in his abdomen that none of us knew about. He almost certainly had cancer. This was inhibiting his organs, and therefore his symptoms, so the meds weren't really helping. It was very hard to detect the mass manually because of it's location, and was completely inoperable. Afterwards, Dr P. stayed late to do the necropsy. We are very sad, but releived that his suffering is over. Amy and Dr P. were great. I know some of this rambling is confusing, especailly to the "non-cat" people, but I chose to send it to you because you are important in my life. When I wrote to Ashe, he was still alive, but I knew he was going to be put down the next day. Norma



A little girl named Ricki received a yellow bean bag kitty from her father when she was very young. They shared the same love of animals and they nursed many animals back to health together. After his untimely death, she used that yellow bean bag kitty to help her through many a hard time, stitching it back together periodically. Now that she is an mom and has 3 kids of her own, she still rescues animals. One of her first ones was a yellow kitty named Bubba. He died young as well. Nothing could prepare her for the kitty who would have the greatest effect on her. He reminded her of both her previous yellow kitties, so she named him Lil Bubba. He and his 2 siblings were rescued when she was driving and saw a car hit their mother. They needed to be bottle fed. Lil Bubba had a lot of problems that a runt of the litter has, he didn't really eat, he had digestive problems, but he showed an amazing amount of love to all he knew. He was a very easy going kitty who got along with kids and dogs, the kind that is very easy to adopt out. He and his brother Deputy Dawg, went to adoption days every month at the pet store, and even tho they were gorgeous and friendly, no one adopted them. Ricki didn't mind tho, as she secretly wanted to keep him anyway, but just couldn't justify it with her housefull of kids and animals. But month after month they went to the store and came home..... Finally after almost a year, a family adopted them together and they had a new family. Ricki's family was sad, but they knew they had found their forever home. They promised to keep in touch. The new family loved them right away, and were concerned when Lil Bubba developed diarrhea and didn't eat very much. She was reassured to hear that this was a common symptom of being adopted, stress induced. But when it didn't go away, we all met at the vets's office to rule anything else out. The x rays and ultrasound were inconclusive, and he had been tested and vaccinated for just about everything. The vet thought she felt something in his abdomen, and the only way to find out what it was was to do exploratory surgery. Unfortunately when she went in, she saw the telltale signs of FIP. This fatal disease takes a common virus and mutates it inside the cat into the rarer form which kills a cat in a very short time. No one expected this. Ricki and I went to see hime the day after his surgery and he was very happy to see us. His immediate symptoms were alleviated, the mass in his abdomen was a swollen lymph node and he was eating again. He was out of pain. He was the only one who didn't know he was going to have to be put down. The adoptive parents were very sad, and promised to take really good care of his brother after he was gone. The rest of us who do this more than we like, prepared for his euthaniasia to make it the easiest for him. River Heights has a room that is called Derby's Suite and it is named after the clinic's resident dog who went to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. This is a room people can go when they are saying goodbye to their beloved pets. We arranged to be with him there for a while, around all the people who had loved him in his short life. He seemed to be very happy. Since he had been at the vet's office for a few days, the staff had gotten to know him and loved him as well. As fate would have it, there was an emergency which put the clinic behind 2 hours. We were the last people in the clinic when the vet came to give him a sedative. He got sleepy and laid his head down. We all gave him last kisses and the vet came back to give him the lethal injection. Lil Bubba wasn't aware of the impact he had on us. He represented all the animals in all of our lives who were taken too soon. The ones we should have been able to keep alive by our love alone. The vet had a very hard time getting the needle into his vein, after 3 tries, she had to go get a different type of needle. We held his little sleeping body, she said "you can tell, I don't really want to do this". She was finally able to get the needle in, and as she listened for his heart to stop, we all held him in our hearts as he ran to the rainbow bridge. We all knew that our pets on the other side were waiting to welcome him home. The letters that Ricki's kids had written to him went along to be cremated with him. Several samples of his beautiful coat were saved to remember him by. And we sadly said goodbye to another soul that visited us temporarily and was now happy and healthy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We will remember you always Lil Bubba.

Lil Bubba


I remember... When you were a kitten, how you loved to climb and jump from high places, explore every inch of the house, and pounce on Pebbles even though she was twice your size. How you loved your favorite place looking out the patio window at the outside world. How you loved to come and lie down on my chest while I was on the couch, put your face just an inch from mine, and tickle my nose with your whiskers. How you loved your tummy-rubs every night while we watched TV. How you loved little Jenny, and would wrap your big paws around her neck to groom her. How you made this house a brighter place by being here. I remember, C.J., and will always love you. Robert Swanson



I was born in a garage in Berwyn, IL. on July 29, 1989. My momcat was a feral who lived there. When I was about five weeks old, a Good Samaritan took me and my four black brothers and sisters to a humane society. My mom wanted a black kitten and she picked me out because I was special. She named me Matilda Sassafras Inkenberry. Matilda because I danced around so much, Sassafras because I was a sassy little thing, and Inkenberry because that's the proper name for someone fondly called Inky. I stayed sassy all my life. In fact, some people even said I had an "attitude". Imagine that! My mom tells a story about my "attitude". She had a party and all the guests put their coats on the bed in the spare bedroom - my room. As the guests were leaving, one of them went to my mom and asked her to get his coat. Mom reminded him that his coat was on the bed. He said he knew that, but I was sitting on his coat and hissed and swatted at him when he tried to pick it up. Well, if the coat was on my bed, it must have been my coat, right? I was just protecting my property. I lived many happy years with my mom and her other cats. When mom brought home a new cat, I would make sure the newbie knew that I was the boss. They all treated me with the respect I was due. Now I'm at the Rainbow Bridge telling all the others there that I'm the boss.




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