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Purrfect Endings

This is what it's all about.

Finding a loving home for our kitties is what makes it worth the time and effort. We love to hear the happy stories and see pictures of our adopted animals. If you would like to share your experiences and photos with us, and other animal lovers, we will be happy to post them on this page.

I wanted to thank you for giving me the biggest smile seeing my baby boy when he was a baby! He is the cutest thing! I just can't tell you how much that big guy gets lovin. He sure does deserve it too. He comes to bed with me every evening and waits until I fall asleep to leave. He loves to sit on my chest (all 20 pounds) and get his shoulders massaged. Everyone who meets him want to take him home. I am so glad he waited for me to come along to make me his forever home! Hugs to all, Vicki/Samson

Hi Norma,

Samson saw that you had requested a picture so he put on his Sunday best and took a picture of himself to send you. He is still the king of the house and as spoiled as ever. He had a great Christmas since his momma
was home for 2 weeks with him. He still loves to knead on his pillow that Santa brought him last year although he did get a new stuffed
animal this year. His pillow has to be on his momma's lap and a sparkle ball in the mouth. He really is something else and loved so much!

Kiss all of the kitties and wish them health and a happy home!!

Happy New Year,




Hi Norma, Here is Watashi sleeping in my husband's lap. We call him " 'Tashi the ninja kitten" because he is always playfully sneak-attacking his brother, Kiku. They are a constant source of entertainment and love! Have a good day! Sue




Here are a few pictures of the kitties. They are getting big! We have been very happy with them. Brandon just LOVES them. He really treats and talks to them like part of the family. Jellybean is always willing to play anytime!!! Daisy she is good but sometimes likes her privacy.

They hardly sleep in their huge condo. Its either in my bed or one of the kids. They love to sleep with people. They have huge appetites too.


Jellybean & Daisy

jellybean & daisy

Hello from Fisher (and Jake)! I know Kim was wondering how Fisher was doing, so I have attached a few photos of him and his new buddy. After just a few days he seemed to have just settled in quite nicely. He and Jake are tolerant of each other mostly and sometimes even share a lick or some play time together. Fisher likes to snuggle by my legs at night sleeping and can be affection seeking at times, but mostly he goes about his business and is not much for cuddling or being held. maybe someday that will change and he will like hugs! He has found a favorite toy, it's a sparkley pom pom thing that he bats around and carries around in his mouth. He likes to play fetch with it, so he brings it right to me and i throw it and he keeps bringing it back for more. He is also quite the dare devil as I have found him balancing on the oak railings, good thing he has good balance and claws to hang on! He still likes his scratching ring thing but Jake likes it more, so its become more jakes than fishers. :) - Amy



Blakey is always curious about baby stuff. Hello Norma Sorry for late reply. I'm glad you like the gift. If I can help with something please let me know. My due date is October 6. knock P.s . Blakely

Hi Norma, I asked my mom, Gail, to type this note to you for me. I love being near the computer and walking on the keyboard but my typing skills aren't that great. I want to thank you and your parents for finding me and taking such good care of me until my mom found me. While I enjoyed spending that time with you and the other kitties, I truly love my Mommy and being the queen of the house. I know Mommy feels the same way about me (although she thinks she's the queen -- but I know better!) She has taken up a new hobby of photography. Her favor subject is me! We thought you would enjoy seeing some new pictures of me. I can't believe it has been a year since we found each other. I enjoying looking out the window and watching the birdies. I especially like when the sliding glass door is open and I can smell the fresh air and hear all of the noises of nature. Mommy thinks she has trained me to do a few things like giving kisses and sitting like a lady when she feeds me. Actually, I know I have her trained to play with me every night, feed me treats at precisely 8 p.m., etc. I just wanted to let you know how happy we both are and to say thank you for the great job you did with me and the other kitties. They are lucky to have you! I hope you are doing well. Love, Mahitabel (and Gail)

Hi Norma and Janie, I wanted to give you an update on Mahitabel. I am calling her Matti and she doesen't seem to mind! She has settled in quite well and doesn't let me too far out of her sight. If I am reading, watching t.v. or talking on the phone, she is always sitting on the sofa with me eating up the attention I give her. She still sleeps with me. She is very considerate to let me get settled before she jumps up. She was very leary of my mobility scooter when I first brought her home but as you will see from one of the pictures she has gotten over that. In fact, I have to make sure she isn't lying down behind me before I back up!

The one thing she is taking a little while to get used to is being a condo kitty. She just knows there is something on the other side of that door. I know it's just a hallway. She is getting much better but still is somewhat curious. She waits for me when I get home from work.

She seems very happy and so am I. She's a great cat. I'm just shocked that no one adopted her before me.

I hope all is well with both of you.




There's only one of Ava in these 4.. I don't know which folder the others are in.. Mimzy likes to find the wierdest places to sleep. She put herself in that rubbermaid bin! She liked to climb on top of the cupboards and sleep, too.. She was the only one to ever do that! They are doing great. They are sweethearts.. not lap cats, unless they are in the mood to cuddle. Ava always gets cuddly when you are in bed, and are at that point where you are just about to fall asleep! I wake back up and pet her a little, then go to sleep and she sleeps on my arm/chest. Mimzy doesn't like to sleep on the bed much. She prefers her own bed, or the sink. Talk to you soon. Hope all is well down there. Please tell Susan we said hello and the babies are doing great. Julie

Ava & Mimzy



Hi Norma, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Wrigley has given us such an amazing gift ever since we got her. She is a part of the family, and Erica & I can't even imagine how we lived without her! Thank you again. Anyway, I wanted to send you a cute picture we took while watching the Bears game on Sunday - it appears Wrigley is a Bears fan too! This picture was not posed, she was seriously playing with her Bears football during the game, and holding it just like that. We think she understands what we say because there have been times we've talked about getting rid of a toy that she hasn't touched in months, and the next day she'll be playing with it like it's the greatest toy in the world! I think we have a genius - kitty. Alright, enough gushing - I'll get back to you when I look up her records. Thanks again! Ryan & Erica



Hi! Panther has decided he rules the house. The food bowls are his. The bouncy wire toy is his. Toes under covers are his. And he demands his evening scratching in the reading chair, complete with flips, rolls & loud purring.

Cinder is doing well, too. She's staying more reserved and tends to stay downstairs more. She comes up to eat and survey everything, but likes to be pet most when we come down to her domain. And it is her domain. The humans get the upstairs, I think. She loves the attention when we are quieter, and when we are downstairs. She still likes to hide under the shelves, given the choice, but likes our sofa, too. We are so glad to have them! They are fitting in beautifully and it seems like they've been at our house forever, though it's been but a few weeks. We keep trying to get good pictures, but they tend to blend in with any shadows. We'll keep trying.

I hope all is well with you and Dee. Thanks for taking such good care of them. They came to us obviously well cared for and well loved & that makes all the difference.

Take care!


Panther & Cinder


Hi Norma, He loves to lay in the sun or by the radiator. He sleeps most of his nights in the bath tub for some odd reason. When he hears my alarm go off in the morning he runs to my bed...gets his head right next to mine...then when he sees I'm getting up...he sprints to the kitchen (he knows the first thing I do every morning is feed him). He has discovered his voice and like to speak often. He has a serious addiction to being rubbed. Even when I stop petting him...he'll hang around for another 10 mins just rubbing his head on my hand!

He absolutely loves to watch TV. I have a large flat screen...when i put on animal planet...or Sunrise Earth...he can sit there for an hour just staring at the wildlife. Every now and then some animal will make a roar...and send him behind the protection of a piece of furniture...just to peer out a moment later. He is also getting braver and trying to swat the wildlife on screen.

He has become more comfortable with visitors. At first, hw would run to my bedroom and get under the he justs looks at them from one of his safe places in the living room. All and all...he is the best cat ever!





Hi Paws and Purrs, Here's some pictures of the girls at our old apartment. We kept their names, so Tobi is the black and white and looks just like her mom. Mahogany is all black and Venus is the Tabby. They are all doing very well and are adjusting pretty well to our puppy. He's an 8 month old rescued chocolate lab/Chesapeake bay retriever mix. -- Anne Ringrose

Tobi, Venus, and Mahogany

venus & mahogany


Hi Norma! Wrigley is a DREAM COME TRUE! She is absolutely amazing! We took her straight home with all her new toys and supplies and planned to slowly introduce her to the house. As soon as I took her out of the carrier she strutted around the house like, "Yeah, I own the place!" It was the cutest thing. No running away from us, no hiding - actually she hates letting us out of her eyesight - if one of us goes into another room she runs after us. She is so playful, loves all of her toys, has been eating and drinking well, and is using her litter box. I can't believe that she was kept in a cage - Erica & I figured she was being so good because she was in a foster home and was used to having room to roam.

So, now I am even more amazed at how well behaved she is. For her first night, we didn't know how she would react, so we made up sleeping bags in the family room to sleep with her, but she stayed up most of the night playing & showing off. Last night however, she knew it was bedtime & slept in bed with us - it is amazing! I never would have believed in a million years she'd be this great so soon. She was left alone yesterday and I expected her to get into some kind of mischief or at least knock something over, but when we got home, she trotted right up to us and started rubbing up against our legs - didn't touch anything but her food & toys while left alone!

Thank you so much for letting Wrigley (Sillouette) into our lives - I can't believe we went this long without a kitten. I only have one question - how come she lasted this long?! We can't understand why she hadn't been adopted yet! Hey, I guess it was just meant to be that we got her. We feel so lucky to have found her - thank you again so much. Here are a couple pictures from the first night we had her - I took some more last night that I think turned out much better, but didn't have time to upload those yet.

Thanks again, talk soon!




Shawn went home on Sunday, Jan 13. He has a big brother, Juma, who's 2 yrs old. Shawn was in a sanctuary room for a short period of time. He was one side of the door crying and Juma was on the other playing paws under the door. Shawn's new mom and dad, Erin and Chris, were worried that Shawn was lonesome so they opened the door a crack. Nothing bad happened. The two boys were just interested in each other. So Shawn was sprung from "his" room. He slept on the foot of Erin and Chris' bed the first night.



Just thought you would like to see a few pictures I took of Pixel last night. :) I can't believe how LITTLE he is. I am convinced Loki got a little chunkier while Daisy was here visiting (apparently Loki finds dog food more interesting than cat food, and vice versa for Daisy!)

Daisy and Loki were introduced for a few moments a few weeks ago (Loki went all puffy for about five minutes and then didn't care any more) and then when Daisy was brought over for the first time it was really easy to integrate the two of them. However, Daisy is unlike a 4 month old kitten. She's not as active (she was a puppy-mill) and not at all hyper.

Yesterday evening went really well, I got home, spent a few minutes with Loki and then let Pixel out. No hissing at all, just lots of wrestling and running around. I will confess that I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up Loki was curled up in his usual spot next to me and Pixel was cuddled up really close to me (he was practically on my head for a bit). Progress!

We did separate them last night. I do think we probably would have been ok, but Pixel seems to want to cuddle with me at night too, so this could be interesting. This morning when I let them out there was a definite greeting for a moment, touching noses and Pixel tried to rub his head on Loki.




Hi Kim, We renamed him Sam. And he is wonderful. It was a very good decision for us to get him and he is definitely a momma's boy. I will try to attach some pictures of him for you. I'm sorry if it doesn't work, my computer here at work is funky sometimes.

I'm glad to hear that kittens are being adopted. Our holidays were fun and I hope that you had a good holiday season too.




Hi, I wanted to send some updated pics of the babies, the ball of kitties is from October, but the others are from December. Mia and Joey are losing the "kitty look", they are 5 months old now. Mia is finally feeling like she has a little meat on her bones. Its amazing how affectionate they both are, they follow me everywhere. The Purr machine seems to never stop. (music to my ears). They are both Love Bundles.
Susan and Furbabies"

Mia & Joey

mia & joey

Hi Brenda, We are all doing well, thanks. Button is such a sweet baby, he is so beautiful too. When he sits still he looks like a porcelain statue, kind of posing for a picture, everyone is taken by his beauty. He is a little shy, he has settled down from his rambunctious teenage stage, but still has his moments. He is very fast and strong when he starts flying through the house. When he is upstairs and I am downstairs, and he is running around it sounds like a horse is running loose. He and Joey are constantly wrestling with each other. Susan H.



Steve and Gayle adopted Earl and Eddie when they were kittens at one of our adoption events. By the time they brought them to us a month later for their last kitten shot, we had managed to catch Earl's brother, Duke from the factory where they were born. Gayle, a professed lover of all cats orange, picked Duke up and never put him down again. Steve fell instantly for Lily, a kitten from another litter. So they came with 2 kittens, fortunately in 2 carriers, and left with 4! Earl, Duke and Eddie will be 2 years old in February, and Lily, the baby, will be 2 in April. Thanks to Steve and Gayle for giving all of them a fantastic home!

Duke, Earl, Eddie, and Lily



the brother

Hi Norma, Thought I would send you some photos of the girls(Angel aka Happy/Harmony aka Mushee) They are both doing great! Happy (cause she's so darn Happy all the time) loves everything. They still play hard like little kittens. Hard to believe we've had them almost 2 months. They are a joy. Mary R

Mushee & Happy



Ollie & Velvet have been the joy of our lives, they are the sweetest, most intelligent, loving kitties and we are so grateful to you for making it happen. Sincere wishes for happiness in the coming year and always! Best regards, Carol

Ollie and Velvet

ollie & velvet



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